Church Facility Reservation
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Door Lock and Unlock Times
I need the doors unlocked 15 minutes before and after my event time.
I need the doors unlocked 30 minutes before and after my event time.
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I would like to use the following room(s):

Fellowship Hall
Kings Kourt (gym)
Classroom 1 (our biggest classroom)
Worship Center
Ministry Room
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If you would like to have your event in the church e-newsletter, please write a short paragraph describing what this event is, why it's important to attend this event, and any other important details our congregation needs.  This paragraph will be included in the e-newsletter.


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I agree to abide by the SJCOC Facility Agreement.

  Click here for a copy of the SJCOC Facility Agreement.

Yes, by choosing yes I agree to follow the rules listed in the Facility Agreement.
No, by choosing no I understand that I will NOT be allowed to use the SJCOC Facility.
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If you already have a graphic made for your event, please send it to  While we will attempt to use your graphic, there are specific requirements for the various places that they are used.  If we cannot use your graphic, we will create one in the office.