2017 Domingos en el Parque Survey

Including yourself, how many people came with you today?


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Please write the number of individuals from your group that apply to each age range below:
0-5: ______
5-12: ______
13-17: ______
18-29: ______
30-44: ______
45-65: ______
65 or older: ______

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Have you or a family member previously participated in a Rockford Park District Program, or visited a Rockford Park District facility?


How did you hear about this event?

I am a previous visitor
RPD Guide Book
Social media (Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter)
RPD web site or e-mail
Newspaper ad
TV or radio commercial
Referred by teacher or counselor

How many times do you plan to attend this event?

One Time
2 Times
3 Times

Below is a list of reasons you may have for attending this event.  Please choose how important these reasons were to you. 

 Very Important Somewhat Important Neutral Somewhat Unimportant Not Important 
To Be Physically Active
Convenient location
Free Event (Cost/Affordable)
Convenient hours
To Have Fun
Please rate this event location on the following:
 Excellent Above Average Average Below Average Poor 
General condition of park/facility (well maintained)
Cleanliness of park/facility
Safety of park/facility
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Please rate our food vendors on the following:

 Excellent Above Average Average Below Average Poor 
Food quality (taste)
Menu options
Food and beverage staff's customer service
Food price
Food delivery time
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Please rate our on-site program staff and volunteers on the following:
 Excellent Above Average Average Below Average Poor 
Staff appearance (name tag and professionally attired for the activity)
Care and interest for all participants
Customer service
Ability to create a fun enviornment
Availability of staff
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Overall, how satisfied were you with your experience at this event on a scale of 1 to 5?

Very Satisfied (5)
Somewhat Satisfied (4)
Neutral (3)
Somewhat Dissatisfied (2)
Very Dissatisfied (1)
If you didn't select "Very Satisfied (5)" in the previous question, what would it take to reach a 5 rating?

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Overall, rate the value of the Rockford Park District to you and your family.

High Value (5) (4) (3) (2) No Value (1)       

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