Equity Alliance Participant Survey
Hello, and thank you for being a participant in at least one Equity Alliance training or workshop in the last year.

In an effort to learn more about your experiences after several months of perspective and to help us improve our efforts, we would very much appreciate you taking a few minutes to complete this survey by September 1.

If you prefer your responses remain anonymous, you may indicate that later in this survey.

All responses are optional.

Which Equity Alliance training or workshop did you attend? 

November 9, 2016 with Gail Harrison
December 2, 2016 with Gail Harrison
March Trainers Workshop with Gail Harrison
April 2017 Racial Equity: Conversation & Action at Arcata Portuguese Hall
April 28, 2017 with Cynthia Coronado, Meridith Oram, and Jen Rice
June 12, 2017 with Alfredo Hernandez, Jen Rice, and Ron White
June 13, 2017 with Alfredo Hernandez, Jen Rice, and Ron White
Public Lecture in May or September 2016

What was your interest in attending the training or workshop you participated in? 


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Were your expectations for learning met?


What information or tools do you find yourself using or referencing the most?


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Were you able to apply something you learned in your place of work or other facets of your life?
Yes, in my place of work
No, not in my place of work
Yes, in other community work
No, not in other community work
Yes, in my personal life
No, not in my personal life

If yes, please share a brief example or two about how you have applied something you learned.


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Have you received any feedback or have indications of impacts from those changes?

If yes, please share a brief example or two.


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Since your participation in Equity Alliance trainings or workshops, has the amount you talk to others about racism and bias:

Remained unchanged

If these conversations have increased, with which groups do you speak more frequently about it? 

Close family
Extended family
Community leaders
Government representatvies
Nonprofit board
Professional peers

If those conversations have increased, how have they changed for you?

(Energizing, a relief, scary, difficult,...?) 


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Sharing people's experiences with this work is one way many people say they are able to learn and improve their own efforts.

Do we have your permission to share experiences you included in this survey?

(Please select one answer, and leave a comment if you would like to discuss this with us.) 

No, I do not give my permission.
Yes, but I wish to remain anonymous.
Yes, but please only use my initials.
Yes, and you may use my full name.
Yes, and you may use my full name, title, and organization.
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If you are willing to share your story with us, please enter your name, email, role/title, organization, etc. in the space below.

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If we have questions or would like more information, may we contact you to learn more about your experiences? Engaging in further discussion about our impact would be extremely valuable for our team as we move forward in our efforts to advance racial equity and inclusion on the North Coast.

Thank you for your time, interest in learning, and for helping us improve our efforts.