Temple Sinai Survey
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Are you currently in the Mitzvah Connection database of helpers/volunteers?

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If you are already a Mitzvah Connection helper/volunteer, would you like us to keep your name in our database?

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If you would like to become (or continue to be) a Mitzvah Connection helper/volunteer, in what way would you like to participate? Select as many as are applicable.

Prepare meals for congregants in need once or twice a year
Provide baked goods for Shiva
Provide transportation to Sinai services and/or events; Dr.'s apointments; etc.
Visit congregants who are home-bound or in nursing homes
Assemble and/or deliver Shiva baskets
Not applicable
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Do you wish to join the Mitzvah Connection Committee? This committee identifies and coordinates support to members on an as-needed basis. Meetings are held one to two times annually.

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Please provide your name and email address if you would like to participate in Mitzvah Connection

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Temple Sinai Mitzvah Connection thanks you for your participation in this survey. Comments or questions are welcome. If you have signed up above to participate in Mitzvah Connection, please list your phone number below so we can add it to our database.


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