Volunteer Opportunities Survey
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This brief "survey" introduces you to many of the volunteer opportunities available to support RCLI's work in the region.  At the same time, this allows you to share your interests and ideas.   

An RCLI contact will follow-up with you to discuss your responses (just be sure your e-mail and phone number are accurately entered).

NOTE: This survey must be completed in one sitting (about 3-5 minutes).  It cannot be saved and re-started.

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Which of the below descriptions best reflects your affiliation with RCLI?  Please select only ONE.

I am a member of an RCLI Class
I am an RCLI volunteer (current or past)
I am a supporter of RCLI: presenter, donor, prayer (current or past)
I heard about RCLI from someone
I read about RCLI (online, church newsletter, etc.)
I discovered RCLI's website online
I discovered RCLI via Facebook
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