New Public Access Policy by Supreme Court of Pennsylvania
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The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania has adopted a policy effective January 6, 2018, governing access statewide to appellate and trial court case records. As society and the courts evolve from a paper-based system to a digital, online system, there are increasing concerns about access to private information, such as Social Security numbers, financial records, driver's license numbers, medical records, etc.
There are two choices available on how best to implement this policy when pleadings/documents are filed and the Court of Common Pleas of Lehigh County is requesting the input of all the members of the Bar Association of Lehigh County. Please choose which option you prefer and reply to the Survey by August 22, 2017. You can view detailed information regarding this process HERE and on the BALC Website under News and Updates.

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After having reviewed the supporting documentation, which of the following two options do you prefer?  

1) File two versions of each pleading/document, one version with sensitive information redacted and the other with no information redacted; the redacted version will be available online and the underacted version will be under seal.
2) File a redacted pleading/document and a separate Confidential Information Form listing the redacted information; the redacted version will be available online and the Confidential Information Form will be under seal.
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