NATouch Application 2018
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This professional training is open to all mental health professionals, psychotherapists, psychologists, medical doctors, supervised registered interns, social workers, bodywork practitioners, nurses, and life coaches. Applications are approved on a case-by-case basis. After receiving your registration, we may call you for a short conversation. This will help to insure that our training is a good fit for your professional needs. Please note that participants in this training must be willing to touch and be touched and carry malpractice insurance. 
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Do you have training in somatic psychotherapy or touch for therapeutic purposes? 

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How did you hear about the NeuroAffective Touch training? 

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Registration: Full tuition $575 per module / Early Bird Discount $525 per module  / Five module discount $2,300
Questions? Please contact: 

The NeuroAffective Touch Institute reserves the right to approve or deny any application, and/or accept or reject the participation of any person in its sole discretion and in accordance with its policies and the law.