2017 Community Award Nominations
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**To assist in the voting process, please include a brief description of why your nominee is deserving of the award.

Public Servant of the Year 

  -A Public Servant makes a profound difference in improving service to the public, often times, this is a government official or employee.


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Community Servant of the Year 
  -A community servant is one who enriches the lives of individuals through passion for the community; they build better organizations; and they ultimately strive to build and create a better community.

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Business Leader of the Year
  -An exceptional business leader is one who leads their organization with a clear vision, creativity, productivity, and ethical business practices that better the community. 

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Educator of the Year
  -The educator of the year is an individual who has the ability to inspire students; has respect and admiration for students, parents, and colleagues; and who plays an active role in the community and the school.

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Young Professional of the Year 
  -An individual who has an innovative and clear vision for the future of a business and the community.

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