Fall 2017 Scholastic Media Association Date Survey
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We are looking to finalize the date of the fall 2017 conference. The conference format encourages student participation and educational tracks. We are looking at a couple of options for a location. Please provide feedback on these two questions:
Required 1.
On which days do you prefer that an event be held? Select one.
Friday, Nov 3
Friday, Nov 10 (Saturday, Nov 11 is Veterans Day)
Friday, Nov 17
Any are fine!
Bummer, none of the dates would work for me.
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Required 2.
Please rank your interest in the following topics.
 Very Interested Neutral Not interested   
Audio - Entry Level   
Audio - Advanced   
Media Literacy   
Industry Overview- careers, direction   
Hardware updates- what's new in gear   
Youth Programs   
Hands-on techniques (ex: lighting, interviewing, makeup, etc.) Note topic in comments.   
Software training. Note software application in comments.   
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Any other suggested topics? Activities? Dates and locations?
We welcome direct comments to Jan at info@scholasticmedia.com.



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