Marketing Audit
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CONFIDENTIALITY NOTE - The information contained within this questionnaire is confidential information, intended only for the use of Mark Carn and the person completing this questionnaire.

This MARKETING AUDIT will assist us to assess the current Marketing of your Business and reveal opportunities and potential for Growth and increased Profit. 

This will help you to plan and achieve great results and healthy returns on your marketing investment.


Key personnel involved in Marketing your Business?


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Required 2.

What amount in dollars did you spend on Marketing last financial year?  This can be an estimate if not readily available.


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What is your Dollar Budget for Marketing this current financial year? This can be an estimate if not readily available.


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Required 4.

How many Marketing (or Lead Generation) Strategies are you currently using?

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Required 5.

Do you track the results of your Marketing for each lead generation strategy?

Required 6.

How much do you wish to Increase Sales/Revenues by over the next 12 months?   You can state $ or % increase  eg. $100,000 or 15%.


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Required 7.

Do you wish to attract new Customers to the Business over the next 12 months ?

Required 8.

Is Building ongoing Repeat Business and getting former prospects and customers back on board important to the Business over the next 12 months ? 


Would you like to get existing Customers to buy more ?  ie Increase Average $ Sale


List the main Marketing Strategies you are currently using:-


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Required 11.

Rate each of the questions below (0 to 4) in the next two sections (20 questions all up):-


0 -  No, Never, Don't understand the Question;

1 -  Poor, Sometimes, Ad Hoc;

2 -  Okay, Sometimes, Average;

3  - Good, Most of the time;

4 -  Always, We are great at this. 

Do you have a simple, practical and well-documented Marketing Plan that is reviewed regularly?
Do you have a minimum of 10 Marketing Strategies in your Plan
Do you (and/or your team) have the marketing skills required to market your business?
Do you allocate adequate time each week/month to carry out marketing programs and strategies?
Are your marketing budgets adequate to fund your marketing programs?
Do you track the source of all new business and attribute it to every marketing activity used?
Do you have a great website that is educational, interactive and entices people to visit again and again?
Do you test and measure the return on investment of every dollar you spend on marketing?
Do you know your Acquisition cost of a new Customer?
Do you understand where Marketing and Lead Generation fit into the Five Ways to Increase your Business Profits?
Required 12.
As above
Do you keep an eye on your competitors Marketing to ensure you remain ahead of the game?
Do you keep abreast of the latest trends in the Marketing, Industries, economy and markets you operate in and how they might affect your business?
Do you have a stand-out USP (unique selling proposition/Point of Difference) that is communicated consistently & effectively through your marketing & communications programs?
Do you have well defined target markets and do you focus all your marketing efforts consistently on them?
Are you well found on search engines and do you regularly review how you can improve it?
Do you explain in your Marketing what the benefits of using your Business are?
Do you have a number of good offers that you use in your Marketing?
Do you have an effective database system that allows you to segment and manage your contacts and communications with them?
Do you conduct regular research and feedback (formal and informal) with clients/customers and potential prospects to find out how you can better serve them?
Are your existing clients/customers loyal and consistent repeat purchasers of current and new products/services?

Any comments you wish to make regarding Marketing


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