2018 Chapter Volunteer Nomination Form
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Thank you for your interest in volunteering with CAI. We appreciate your commitment to the organization! Our volunteers are special to us and will be afforded certain perks and recognition throughout the year by CAI.

By submitting this form, you agree that you possess an understanding and commitment to CAI's mission and vision; you agree to participate actively in any committee to which you may be appointed; you agree to make decisions that help fulfill the organization's mission and vision and contribute to the long term success of the organization. 
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Please select the committee you have an interest in joining. Members are only permitted to serve on one committee at a time. If the committee you select is already full, we will reach out to you to find an appropriate place for you to volunteer.
Annual Conference & Expo (Committee is Full)
Business Partners Committee (business partners only) (Committee is Full)
CAVL / Homeowners Committee (homeowners only)
Communications & Content Committee
Gold Star Committee (Committee is Full)
Golf Committee (Committee is Full)
Government & Professional Affairs Committee (Committee is Full)
Managers Committee (managers only)
P.U.L.S.E - Professionals United to Serve, Lead, Engage (Young Professionals only!)
Central PA Regional Council (Central PA region only) (Committee is Full)
New Jersey Regional Council (South Jersey region only) (Committee is Full)
Philadelphia Regional Council (Philadelphia region only) (Committee is Full)
Poconos Regional Council (Poconos/Lehigh Valley region only) (Committee is Full)

What motivates you to serve as a chapter volunteer?


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What skills would you bring to the specific committee(s) you are interested in?


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Have you read the chapter Committee Policies & Procedures and the Volunteer Statement of Expectations and do you understand the expectations and time commitment involved in serving as a chapter volunteer? (See this webpage for copies of the above documents)