2017 Summer Camp Feedback Survey
We value your comments and suggestions. We take what you have to say very seriously and will use your feedback as a way to modify and improve future camps.

As a thank you for your time, your name (if you provide contact info below) will be entered into a draw for a chance to win one of these great prizes.
Grand Prize: A free 1-week session of camp for one child for summer 2018.
nd prize: $100 Gift certificate for Camp Kawartha Giftshop merchandise.
3rd prize: A Camp Kawartha T-shirt

The deadline for the draw is October 9th. Surveys submitted after this date are still welcome and appreciated, but will not be eligible for the draw. Draw takes place on Tuesday, October 10th, 2017. The winners will be announced in our next Newsletter (when we launch registration) and on our Facebook page.
Child(ren)'s name (optional):


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What camp session did your child(ren) attend? (If you had more than one child in camp, check all that apply)
Day Camp (Birchview Road)
Environment Centre Day Camp (Peterborough)
CK Overnight (1-night)
Intro to Camp (2-nights)
Nature Camp (Session N, 3-nights)
Overnight Camp (1 or 2-weeks)
Intermediates (3-weeks)
Pre-Leadership Camp (PLC)
Junior Canoe Trip (1-week)
Algonquin Canoe Adventure
Challenge & Adventure
Wildnerness Canoe Trip (2-weeks)
Leadership Program (4-weeks)

What was your main reason for sending your child(ren) to camp? (check all that apply)

Enjoy Outdoors / Fresh Air
Environmental Awareness
Experience New Activities
Gain Independence
Get Out of the City
Improve Self-confidence / Self-esteem
Just Have Fun
Make New Friends
Unplug from Technology

Why did you choose Camp Kawartha over other camps? (check all that apply)

Activities / Programs Offered
Environmental Stewardship
Nature Awareness
OCA Accredited Camp
Outdoor Skills
Recommended by Friends/Family
Reputation of Camp
Small Size of Camp
Staff Qualifications
Please tell us about your experience with the Registration Process and Administration Staff?
 Poor Needs Improvement Satisfactory Good Excellent 
Website Information
Accessibility / Ease of Process
Personal Communication (phone, email)
Customer Service (Office Staff)
Updates (Newsletters & Social Media)
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Based on your experience and knowledge of Camp Kawartha, how would you rate the following?

 Poor Needs Improvement Satisfactory Good Excellent 
Health Care
Quality of Programming
Variety of Activities
Camp Appearance
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Based on your experience and feedback from your child(ren), how would you rate the staff at Camp Kawartha?

 Poor Needs Improvement Satisfactory Good Excellent 
Staff Qualifications
Positive Role Models
Interactions with Campers
Fun & Enthusiastic
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For overnight campers: How would you rate the food at Camp Kawartha?

 Poor Needs Improvement Satisfactory Good Excellent 
Food Choices
Quality / Taste
Quantity / Enough to Eat
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Please tell us about a favourite memory or experience your child(ren) had at camp this summer.

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Were there any major dislikes your child(ren) had about camp this summer that you would like to tell us about? Do you have any recommendations on how to improve any aspect of our operations?

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How would you rate your overall experience with Camp Kawartha?
Very Satisfied
Very Dissatisfied
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How likely are you to recommend Camp Kawartha to other families?
Very Likely
Very Unlikely
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We love hearing from parents about how camp has had a positive impact on your children. New families who are thinking about sending their child to camp, appreciate reading testimonials from families who already send their children to Camp Kawartha. Testimonials will be posted on our website at: campkawartha.ca/summer-camp/testimonials/

To maintain your privacy, you do not need to include any names in your testimonial.

Testimonials and photos can also be emailed to us at info@campkawartha.ca


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Thank you. We appreciate your feedback!!

If you have any questions or concerns at any time, feel free to call us at 705-652-3860, toll-free at 1-866-532-4597 or email us at info@campkawartha.ca