Merit Scholarship Application 2017
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What is your name?


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Required 2.

Which team were you on for the 16-17 season?


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Required 3.

How many years have you been dancing?


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Required 4.

How many hours per week do you practice on your own on average (not in a group class/team)?


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Required 5.

Please list the ISTD medals you have received (i.e. bronze, silver, gold) and your scores on each exam:  


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Required 6.

Please list the competitions you have entered with a partner in the last 12 months: 


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Required 7.

Please list any dance awards (such as competition placements) you have received in the past 12 months.  Please specify the date, category, and the competition.  Other types of dance awards may also be listed here:


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Required 8.

Please list any efforts you have made to help out, raise philanthropic support, or volunteer for PBD:


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Required 9.

Please describe 3 ways that you are an outstanding team member (consider PBD's mission and values):


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Required 10.
If I am awarded a merit scholarship, I will be an ambassador for Pacific Ballroom dance by exemplifying PBD's core values, being willing to attend/support outreach events, and by keeping my commitments to my team and coaches.
Yes I will!
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