We appreciate your willingness to share your perspectives and experiences with strategic planning, and the management of strategic planning and implementation. Some of you have worked with or explored working with Floricane in the past, while others are brand new to our work in the community.

At Floricane, when we discuss strategic management, we mean the entire process of shaping your organization's vision, building a plan or process to achieve your vision, and engaging your people (staff, board, funders, volunteers, partners and clients) in activating that vision. The center of good strategic management is a good strategic plan -- buttressed by leadership, collaboration and the discipline to "work the plan."

The aggregate data gathered in this survey will be used this fall in the development of a white paper on strategic management, and a presentation to the community on strategic management trends. We will not share any information specific to your organization, and we encourage you to skip any answers that your organization does not wish to share with us.
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