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The Colorado Press Association's journalism foundation has led to some great things in the past six years. Forty-one college and high school students have received scholarships since 2011, totaling $82,500 while an additional $32,600 in funds have also been granted to provide further educational training and assistance to professional journalists.

However, the amount of fundraising and donations to the philanthropic funds has not kept pace. During the same timeframe, philanthropic donations have totaled $23,682, with Richard Ballantine accounting for $15,000 by himself. At some point in the near future, we will be forced to look at discontinuing the scholarships and trainings provided by the journalism foundation if funding is not secured. 

To help replenish the journalism foundation funds, CPA members can volunteer to take part in the 'Ad' to our Future campaign. By participating, CPA media members agree to donate the equivalent of either a quarter-page, half-page or full page black-and-white ad in their publication sold by SYNC2 Media. SYNC2 would transfer the money to the journalism foundation in your  publication's name. 

For example, if a half page ad in your publication cost $300 and SYNC2 sold an ad package worth $1,000, the first $300 of that money would go to journalism foundation, and the remaining $700 would go to the publication.

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By printing your name, you authorize SYNC2 Media to take the equivalent of a black and white ad sold in the listed publication at the size marked, and to donate the funds to the Colorado's Press Association journalism foundation, managed by the Denver Foundation. This authorization is for the run of one ad only unless otherwise noted by you in the comments above. 

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