What do YOU want to know?
With your help, this survey hopes to discover which topics the NNLSO membership (you) want answered!  We'll ask the questions and compile the results for you!  After all, you don't have time to compile more data, do you?

Don't answer these questions now, just rank them in the order you would like NNLSO to survey you and your colleagues!  If you have additional ideas, please provide them in the comment box below.

(1 = Administer this survey first!)
What is the best work-related item or process you borrowed from another school?
Share your "Org-Chart" survey (a basic structure of staffing)
Which Learning Management System does your institution use?
Which exam software program does your institution use?
Which organizations do you participate in (other than NNLSO)?
How "paperless" are you in your record keeping and management of student files?
How do you manage your learning outcomes?
Proctors, proctors, proctors.... Paid? Unpaid? In the classroom? Not in the classroom?
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Just for fun, how many years of institutional knowledge does your team/office have?  Add up the number of years each of you has been working for the law school.  In the area below, tell us the number of people and the total (combined) years of institutional knowledge you have.  For example: 3 people, 17 years.  (If you don't know, just guess - it is really just for fun!) 


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