Our FREE 3 week series will consist of three sessions:

Session 1 - Credit Smart - Goal Setting / Budgeting  
Find out about the importance of setting goals to achieve financial objectives.  Learn about the importance of developing a spending plan and developing wise spending habits, in addition to receiving tips on how to save money

Session 2 - Credit Smart - Banking /Thinking Like A Lender
Get valuable information on the basics of banking and the importance of establishing a relationship with a financial institution to build credit, save money, and achieve goals.  Get information on how lenders and other financial institutions determine creditworthiness and how it relates to credit scores.

Session 3 - Credit Smart - Why Credit is Important/ How to Establish, Restore and Maintain
This module introduces credit, basic terminology, and the importance of building abetter credit record. Learn how to establish a credit presence and maintain a good credithistory. The module also reviews the contents of a credit report, as well as the primarycredit and consumer protection laws.  Learn about credit scoring from a borrower'sperspective and how to deal with credit difficulties and tips on how to restore impairedcredit.

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