2017 Member Survey
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Why did you join the Chamber? 

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Do you feel that your chamber membership has been valuable and you have received a good return on your investment? 

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How frequently do you access or use Chamber staff, resources, information and communication sources? (Select appropriate rating for each source.)

 Very often (2-3 times a month) Often (Once a month) Sometimes Seldom Never 
Online business directory on saukprairie.com
Monthly Newsletter
Wednesday Weekly Updates (e-mail)
Calendar of Events page on saukprairie.com
Job / Volunteer Openings page on saukpraiire.com
Hot Deals / Promotional Messages on saukprairie.com
Economic Data Found on saukprairie.com
Available Properties Listed on saukprairie.com
Sauk Prairie Chamber Bucks - Gift Certificate Program
Staff Resources Such As Graphic Design, Digital Marketing/Web Assistance or Information Source
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In terms of  usefulness to your business, how does the Chamber's information and communication sources rank with other business organizations with which you are a member?  (Select only one.)



Much Better Somewhat Better About the Same Somewhat Worse Much Worse       
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How can we better serve you or make your membership more valuable? 


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