2017 PRP Worldwide Census
Thank you for taking the time to participate in the 2017 PRP Worldwide Census. Before you begin, we want to underscore our privacy policy regarding your PRP-related information.

We are a global community. 
Each country has their own way of protecting a patient's medical information. For purposes of the PRP Census, we comply with U.S. HIPAA regulations.  

Confidential Data - The data we collect about your unique PRP journey - and the data for all PRP patients (active and in remission) - is encrypted, password-protected, and not connected to the Internet.

De-identified Data - When shared with PRP researchers like those at Thomas Jefferson University and Yale University School of Medicine or published in the PRP Survival Guide, your data is de-identified. Simply stated, the PRP Community Database reports numbers, not names. Because your data is disassociated with your name, you have complete and total anonymity.

So let's begin.