DOT&PF Big Lake Road Pedestrian Improvements Study, Draft Recommendations Review
The Department of Transportation and Public Facilities is conducting the Big Lake Road Pedestrian Improvements Study to identify and plan for pedestrian and other non-motorized user safety on Big Lake Road.  This planning study analyzes current conditions and will make recommendations for solutions, including prioritizing capital projects, which will enhance safety for non-motorized users to support walkability and economic development in Big Lake's commercial center. 

This 10 minute survey is intended to collect feedback from Big Lake Road users and Big Lake residents on the draft recommendations.

These survey questions reflect the Draft Recommendations found on this list and on the recommendations map (click the text to view the Draft Recommendations Handout on the project website). If the link above is loading slowly, please to go the project website and navigate to the Documents page to review the Draft Recommendations.

Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey.

A pedestrian crossing is recommended on Big Lake Road between North Shore Drive and Hollywood Road to improve pedestrian safety.  Please select below if you agree or disagree. 

Yes, a crossing would improve pedestrian safety
No, a crossing is not needed
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Please rate the following signage and education recommendations. 

 Strongly Disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly Agree 
Signage prohibiting motorized vehicles on the multi-use pathway is needed.
Signage prohibiting motorized vehicles on the multi-use pathway will effectively reduce pedestrian and motorized vehicle conflicts.
Stop signs on the multi-use pathway at driveways are needed.
Stop signs on driveways for vehicles approaching Big Lake Road are needed.
Increased signage will improve user awareness and educate the public.
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Additional street lighting should be installed along Big Lake Road to improve visibility of pedestrian and bicycles. Please select if you agree or disagree. 

Yes, additional street lighting is needed
No, Big Lake does not need more street lighting
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Where would new pathways be the most beneficial to pedestrians and bicyclists? (select all that apply)
Add a pathway at the Fish Creek bridge
Extend pathway south to Big Lake South Recreation Site and South Port Marina
Add a pathway on the east side of Big Lake Road from the roundabout to Norcross Street, providing a connection to the East Lake Mall
Add a pathway on West Hollywood Road (at least from Big Lake Road to the Church)
Pathway connection to Big Lake Recreation Center (from a new crossing on Big Lake Road or from new pathway on east side of Big Lake Road)
No new pathway are needed in Big Lake
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What changes would you support to improve pedestrian safety at intersections on Big Lake Road? (select all that apply)

Use reflectors, landscaping and grading to better define driveways
Realign skewed driveways
Reduce the number of driveways onto Big Lake Road (driveway consolidation)
No changes are needed, driveways on Big Lake Road are not a problem
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Please rate the following recommendations.

 Strongly Disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly Agree 
Big Lake needs improved maintenance of roadside vegetation growth.
Tree roots on the pathway are problematic and should be removed.
A maintained vegetated separation between Big Lake Road and the pathway is preferred.
Reduce dust on east side of Big Lake Road by maintaining the right-of-way with flatter slopes and better surface materials.
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New roadway connections help disperse traffic which can also help improve pedestrian connectivity.  Select the recommendations below that you agree with.

More connections to neighborhood and side streets onto Big Lake Road (generally increase connectivity)
Extend S Beaver Lake Road to the south of Big Lake Road to meet with S Lions Court.
No new roads are needed in Big Lake, connectivity is not an issue
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Please rate the following land use recommendations for new development to support non-motorized safety and walkability in the commercial core area of Big Lake.

 Strongly Disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly Agree 
New development should support walkability in the Big Lake Commercial Core area.
New development should consider parking behind buildings to improve the pedestrian environment.
New development should have a limited set back from Big Lake Road to improve pedestrian scale and environment.
New development should have limited driveway access onto Big Lake Road
New development should use shared parking agreements for adjacent businesses to reduce the number of driveway access points onto Big Lake Road.
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Pedestrian amenities can improve the use and enjoyment of Big Lake Road and the commercial core area.  What amenities listed below would improve the pedestrian environment in Big Lake? (select all that apply)
Bike parking at major destinations including commercial retailers, Fish Creek and Jordan Lake Parks, and the Big Lake South State Recreation Site.
Benches, signage (wayfinding), and viewpoints to make pathways more interesting and inviting.
Bike shelter and seating areas at the Park and Ride
No additional pedestrian amenities are needed on Big Lake Road or in the Big Lake core area.
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Thank you for completing the survey.  If you have additional feedback on the draft recommendations for improving pedestrian and other non-motorized user safety on Big Lake Road, please contact a member of the project team.