Workshop Application  CSC Gathering Asheville 2018
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The theme of this year’s CSC gathering is Sacred Earth • Sacred Work. There will be six tracks for workshops—each track representing one of the Six Essentials of Creation Spirituality. Proposals must fit into our overall theme, while also representing one of these six tracks. Please review the Six Essentials of Creation Spirituality and let us know which one you will be addressing in your workshop. Workshop leaders and participants will be invited to add something visible about that Essential to the room during the gathering. Workshop length is 75 minutes. Workshop leaders receive $125 discount off of the registration fee. The Six Essentials and the type of room where each one will be meeting is listed below. 
Deadline: December 10. (All proposals will be considered.)
Secondary Deadline: January 1. (Your proposal will be considered if there is room.)

If your workshop is selected, we will request a photo of you and a three-sentence biographical sketch. 
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Title of Workshop


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Which of the Six Essentials of Creation Spirituality does your workshop address? ((Select all that apply.)

1. The Universe, and all life within it, is fundamentally a blessing. (Workshop space: open corner of large celebration room)
2. It is through the work of spiritual practice that we move beyond fear into compassion and discover our deep and true selves. (Workshop space: Garden Room, fully enclosed)
3. The spiritual journey can be understood as a dance moving in and out of four mystical paths: 1: Awe, delight; 2: uncertainty, letting go; 3. birthing, creativity; 4. justice, healing, rebirth. (Workshop space, Classroom 1, enclosed.)
4. Every one of us carries within us the capacity to be a mystic, to be creative, to be visionary, and to be an agent for positive change. (Workshop space: Classroom 2, enclosed.)
5. We rejoice in and courageously honor the rich diversity within the Cosmos which is expressed in every individual and embodies multiple cultures, religions, and ancestral traditions. (Workshop space, Classroom 3, enclosed.)
6. Ecological justice is our priority as an imperative for the healing, sustainability and harmony among our species and the entire Earth community. (Workshop space, Classroom 3, enclosed.)
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Please provide an outline of your workshop.


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Please explain how your workshop addresses the Essential (or Essentials) and the sacredness of Earth.


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Tell us why you are uniquely qualified to present this workshop. 


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Which days are you able to lead your workshop? (Select all that apply.)
Friday, April 27, 2018
Saturday, April 28, 2018
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Are you a member of Creation Spirituality Communities? 

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How did you come to know Creation Spirituality? How do you practice it now? 


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How did you find out about this Creation Spirituality Gathering?

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Do you have a degree in Creation Spirituality? If so, from what institution?

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Are you be willing to be interviewed and featured on our Facebook event page and the CSC website as promotion for the gathering?