2018 Peace and Justice Award Nomination
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16th Annual Peace & Justice Award Nomination Form
Nominations from the general public will be based on the following criteria. Please keep these criteria in mind when submitting your nomination form.
1. Nominees may be individuals or a group.
2. Nominees must demonstrate a commitment to the mission of peace and justice in our community or larger world.
3. Instances must be cited which show that this person or group has positively impacted other lives by their actions.

Clinton's Martin Luther King Committee will select the person or group to receive the award.  The award will be presented at the MLK Celebration which will be held on January 14, 2018, at Clinton Community College

Nomination forms should be completed and submitted along with letters of support by November 20th, 2017.(Voting will take place November 28, 2017).

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Please note that one letter of support must also be submitted in addition to this form. You may Email Letter of Support Here (Kemi Busker: Nokwumabua@eicc.edu)