L.A. Care Cal MediConnect Provider Assessment
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Required 1.
Culturally and linguistically appropriate services will:
Increase members' satisfaction
Improve quality of care and health outcomes
Reduce the risk of liability and malpractice lawsuits
All of the above
Required 2.
Which of the statement is incorrect? Language assistance services:
Are regulatory requirements
Includes interpreting, translation and axillary services.
Should be provided by bilingual staff
Must be provided at no-cost to members
Required 3.
Defines the person
Is always visible
Is one aspect of human diversity
Is always permanent
Required 4.
One of the most important thing to keep in mind when serving people with disabilities is to consider the "person" first rather than the disability.
Required 5.
L.A. Care can impose sanctions on providers who violate the terms of their contractual agreement.
Required 6.
Who is required to report a Critical Incident?
Social Worker
Case Manager
Primary Care Physician
Any L.A. Care employee or network provider who become aware of critical incident is required to report
Required 7.
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