50 Corridor Bike Share Survey - for those who WORK on the 50 Corridor
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This survey is for people who WORK on the 50 Corridor
Stakeholders in Rancho Cordova and Folsom are exploring the prospect of establishing a Bike Share System along the 50 Corridor - similar to the Bike Share program in Downtown Sacramento and West Sacramento. Conceptually, some of these Bike Share Stations would be located at Light Rail Stations along the Gold Line; others would be located at popular destinations - employers, retail areas, and restaurants.  The Bike Share Bikes are intended for short trips. There is a small charge, typically $1 for each half hour.

You can learn more about Bike Share by watching the below videos.  You'll note from the videos that Bike Share relies heavily on technology - so bike share programs are constantly improving!

What is Bike Share - Boulder (Co.) Bike
Portland - one user's experience
Capitol Bike Share (D.C.)
Philly Bike Share
Required 1.
How familiar are you with Bike Share?
Very familiar and I have used Bike Share multiple times (Use the space below to indicate in which cities you've used Bike Share)
Familiar but have never used Bike Share
Somewhat familiar
I only know what I saw in the videos above
Not familiar at all
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Required 2.
How close is your work site to light rail?
Less than 2 miles
2-5 miles
More than 5 miles
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Required 3.
How do you currently get to work most of the time?
Light Rail
Drive Alone
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Required 4.
If you had access to a bicycle at your worksite, what would you use it for?
Getting to light rail for my commute
Riding to lunch/restaurant
Riding to meetings
Riding for recreation, stress release, exercise
I would not use it at all but know co-workers who would use it
I would not use it and don't think it would be useful on the 50 Corridor
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Required 5.

Would you consider using light rail more if there were a bicycle for you to use to complete your commute?

Yes, I would like to use light rail if I could get to my work site from the station
Light rail does not fit into my commute
I'm not comfortable riding light rail
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Required 6.
What factor most influences your commute choices?
Ability to get exercise while commuting
Environmental concerns
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Required 7.

What is your comfort level riding a bicycle on streets and roads. 

Very comfortable
Somewhat confortable
Not really comfortable but willing to give it a try
Not comfortable and not willing to give it a try
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Required 8.
Would you like to be placed on a priority list to provide additional information, test bike share bikes and participate in launching a bike share program?  If yes, please provide your first name and your email address in the space below
Yes, my contact info is below (Make sure you enter your name and email address in the Comment field below)
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Please provide an additional comments you feel would be helpful as we continue to explore bringing Bike Share to the 50 Corridor.

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