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Please help us make the 30th Food Label Conference the best one ever, by giving us input below. 
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General Session:  In order to make the Conference as relevant and informative as possible, we would like your input on the General Session topics below.  Please rate them and suggest additional topics in the Comments box below:
 No Interest Not Too Interested Neutral Somewhat Interested Very Interested 
Navigating Shifting Goal Posts: Labeling and the Law with a New Administration
Nutrition Label Reform To Date: Lessons Learned and Best Practices - Industry Panel
Market Report: Trends in Clean Labeling
USDA Nutrition & Labeling Regulations Update
FDA Nutrition & Labeling Regulations Update
USDA Update on Mandatory GMO Labeling
Managing Data Integrity Through the Supply Chain
Recalls, Warning Letters & Enforcement Action Best Practices
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Conference Attendance: What are your main reasons for attending a conference on food labeling?

 Not Important Somewhat Important Very Important   
Latest Industry Trends   
Education on Labeling Issues   
Q & A / Small Group Interaction   
Government Speakers   
Best Practices from Industry Peers   
Required by My Company   
Referred by a Colleague   
Springtime in Washington DC!   
Other: Comment Below   
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Required 3.
Breakout Sessions (Part 1 of 2): Please select breakouts (across Questions 3 & 4) that you would attend - and/or add your own....
Allergen/Gluten-Free Labeling
Best Practices for Marketing - Regulatory Collaboration
Canadian Labeling
Clean Labeling
Data Collection & Record Keeping for the New NFP
EZ Form Labeling & Nutrition Software
FDA Labeling Q&A's
FDA Product Naming, Ingredient & Flavor Labeling
Food Evangelists: What is Driving the Consumer Narrative?
Food Fraud: Economic Adulteration of What's On Our Plates
Food Service & Sample Product Labeling
FTC: Advertising & Claims
GMO Labeling
Graphics Impact of the New NFP
Icons, Logos & Front-of-Pack Labeling
Menu Labeling
Natural Labeling: USDA vs. FDA
Navigating the New NFP's Changed Serving Rules - Dual Column & more
New NFP Added Sugars Rules & Strategies
New NFP Dietary Fiber Rules & Strategies
Required 4.
Breakout Sessions (Part 2 of 2): Please select breakouts (across Questions 3 & 4) that you would attend - and/or add your own....
Nutrient Claims & the New Nutrition Facts
Nutrient Data and the New NFP: Lab vs. Calculation
Online Labeling, Smart Label & the Digital Shelf
Organic, Certified & Verified Claims
Recalls, Warning Letters & Enforcement Actions
Redefining Nutrition Policy for the New NFP
Navigating the Supply Chain in NFP Conversions
School Lunch (CN) Labeling
Sodium Reduction Voluntary Targets
State & Local Labeling
Streamlining NFP Development, Design & Prepress
USDA Animal Production & Grading Claims
USDA Export Labeling
USDA Generic Labeling Update
USDA Labeling Q&A's
USDA Market Trends
USDA Product Naming, Ingredient & Flavor Labeling
Other topic that would help me do my job - Comment below:
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Nutrition Label Reform: To help us tailor our content, please give us an idea of your company's progress transitioning to the new Nutrition Facts or Menu Labeling rules.
 N/A Planning Piloting Half Way Almost Done! 
Data Collected / Updated from Suppliers
Labor Resources Identified
Product Conversions Scheduled
NFP Workflow Revised
Printing Reserved or Procured
Products / Items Converted

Private Label Relationships: Last year we debuted a Private Label Supplier Networking Reception to facilitate Private Label relationships across the supply chain.  Please indicate how important the following are:

 N/A Not Important Somewhat Useful Very Useful  
Networking with Private Label Regulatory Teams  
Small Group Breakouts with Private Label Regulatory Teams  
Private Label Brand Initiatives, Priorities & Redesign Schedule  
Instruction on IT Systems Used by Private Label Brands  
Other - please suggest topics & specific Private Label companies in the Comments below:  
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Add-on Pre- & Post-Conference Training Seminars: Please check all of the day-long seminars you or a colleague might be interested in attending (for an additional fee), and suggest any you would like to see added:
Nutrition Label Reform: Best Practices Executing & Optimizing the New NFP
Nutrition Labeling for Technical Professionals
USDA Labeling Basics
FDA Labeling Basics, Claims & Trends
Leading vs Bleeding Edge Labeling & Marketing Claims - Legal Outlook
Label Graphics: from NFPs to Names to Claims, and more
Canadian Labeling
School Lunch (CN) Labeling
Using EZ Form Software to Convert to the New Nutrition Rules
Seminar Attendance: How likely are you to attend any of the seminars above?
 Not Likely Maybe Very Likely   
Full Day at Conference   
Full Day at Chicago Fall Training   
Half Day at Conference   
Series of Webinars   
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Networking Events:  Please select the events that interest you.
Illuminated Night Tour of DC & Monuments (additional fee)
30th Anniversary Evening Gala (additional fee)
Theater & Dinner (additional fee)
Segway Tour of DC (additional fee)
Private Label Networking Reception
Lunch Networking (topic-specific tables at lunch)
Evening Small Group Dining at Local Restaurants
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Required 10.
Labeling Areas: Please select labeling areas of interest to your company:
USDA Packaged Food
FDA Packaged Food
Canadian Packaged Food
Menu Labeling
Private Label / Co-packing
Further Processing / Food Service
Graphics / Supplier / Consultant
Child Nutrition
Other: please recommend new areas of interest in Comments below:
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Required 11.
Conference Attendance: How many Federal Food Regulatory Conferences have you attended in the past?
None, but I would like to attend this year
2 - 5
6 - 10
more than 10
Co-Worker: Would you recommend our conference to a friend or colleague? If so, please enter their information below and we will send them this survey.

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Moderator Volunteer:  Would you be willing to moderate a Breakout session for a discount on the general conference price?  If so, please provide your topics (from above or add your own) & contact information below:
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Other Suggestions:  Do you have any other input (speakers, panelists, topics, events, themes, etc) for our 2018 Food Label Conference?

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