MSCSS 2018 Awards Nominations
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Please complete the form below to nominate a social studies educator. Nominees for awards from the Middle States Council for the Social Studies should live, work, or contribute directly to social studies education in the Middle States region (i.e., DC, DE, MD, PA, NJ, NY). See the descriptions below for your nominations.

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Choose the award for which you are nominating. Click here to review the award descriptions.
Cohen-Jordan Secondary Award
Harry J. Carman Award
Outstanding Social Studies Publication Award
Distinguished Service Award
Collins-Skinner Elementary Award
Bernice Samalonis Award
Teacher-to-Teacher Award
Outstanding Communication in Social Studies Certificate
Social Studies Programs of Excellence Certificate
Technology in the Social Studies Classroom Certificate
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Rationale for nomination (explain why the nominee is the best candidate for this award) 350-500 words.

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List of accomplishments (please provide concise bullets to list awards, honors, services to students/teachers/the profession/research).


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Thank you for your nomination. You will be notified of your nominee's status in January. If you have not already done so, be sure to register to join us March 2-3 at our 115th Annual Conference to recognize all of our award winners.