2018-2019 Provisional Sponsor/Co-Sponsor Form
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Thank you for submitting this Sponsorship or Co-sponsorship form for The Stuart Society by March 31, 2018. According to The Society By-laws, you must know well the person you are sponsoring. By sponsoring this person you are also agreeing to help and mentor your potential provisional through the provisional year. It is through your commitment to this individual that they will be successful! Sponsorship forms, along with the applicants' forms, will be reviewed by the Provisional Committee in early February and the decisions forwarded to the Stuart Society Board for final approval. Discussions of these bodies is confidential. Send questions or comments to  provisionalchair2@stuartsociety.org. Further information about sponsorship can be obtained HERE.
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As a sponsor/co-sponsor, are you prepared to explain to your Provisional candidate the various opportunities for service; introduce your candidate to other Stuart Society members; be a guide, mentor and consult with your Provisional on a regular basis to ensure Provisional member is participating and fulfilling all requirements for full membership?

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How has your candidate demonstrated interest in the Museum of Fine Arts and The Stuart Society? 

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Have you personally worked an event or served on a committee with this candidate?  For what organization and when? 

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What services have you, the sponsor/co-sponsor, provided/performed for The Stuart Society and when? 

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By submitting this form online I attest that I have read the applicable Bylaws and Procedures for new membership.