2017 GCIFF Audience Survey
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Thank you so much for joining us for the 2017 Gold Coast International Film Festival! After our most successful festival to date, we are already gearing up for 2018...and we need your help! Please take a few moments to let us know about your festival experience this year. Everyone who responds to this survey will be entered to win a complimentary Film Society Membership! (see below for details)
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How many films/events did you attend during the festival?
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What did you think of film selections? Let us know what you thought of specific films in the comments.
Mixed - some good, some bad
Did not like the film selection
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What was your favorite film you saw during the 2017 Gold Coast International Film Festival?


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What types of films would you like to see more of in next year's festival? (Select all that apply.)
Family films
Foreign films
Classic films
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When are you most interested in attending festival screenings?

Weekday (Monday-Thursday) evening
Weekday (Monday-Friday) during the day
Friday/Saturday evening
Saturday/Sunday during the day
Depends on the film
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How did you find out about the festival? (Select all that apply.)
Local newspapers (Great Neck News, Port Washington News, Anton etc.)
Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
E-Mail Blasts
E-mails/information from other organizations (please specify below)
Web search
Posters, postcards, or guides in local businesses
Placemats or coasters at local restaurants & bars
Street banners/signs
Official guide received in your newspaper
Guides/flyers at a library
Radio advertisement (please note station below)
Word of mouth
Postcard in your mailbox
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Please share any suggestions you have about how we can continue to spread the word about the festival and attract new audiences. 


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Did you use our website to learn about the festival or purchase tickets? Please rate the following items, and add any additional comments below.
 Poor    Excellent 
Ease of finding festival information
Ease of purchasing tickets
Overall design of website
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Do you have any other comments about this year's festival, or suggestions for next year?

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During the festival, did you visit the concessions stand at the theaters?


GCIFF presents preview screenings of independent films all year round!  Are you interested in year-round film programming?


Want to be more involved in GCIFF 2017? If you would like to be added to our VOLUNTEER list, please leave your name and email address below. If you or your business is interested in SPONSORSHIP opportunities, please click here. For all other queries, feel free to email info@goldcoastarts.org.


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By completing this survey you will be entered into a raffle to win a Complimentary Film Society Membership! Film Society Members receive one complimentary ticket upon registration and savings on every single film we show for an entire year! Members also receive advanced notice and priority access to ALL festival films and events, as well as access to our growing Gold Coast Community Partner program!  The raffle will be drawn December 8th, 2017.