Rhythm Review Pop Quiz
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Required 1.
When analyzing to ECG Rhythm Strip to determine presence of Atrial Fibrillation, the following pattern is considered a hallmark of A fib:
A. No relationship between the P-waves and the QRS Complexes
B. Rhythm is regular, P-waves are absent
C. Rhythm is irregular, P-waves are absent
D. Rhythm is irregular, P-waves are hidden in the QRS complex
Required 2.
All of the following factors increase the patient's risk of developing Atrial Fibrillation except:
A. Alcohol consumption
B. Untreated Atrial Flutter
C. Thyroid disease
D. Recent joint replacement
Required 3.
* According to a Biomed Research International 2016 publication (E. Hariri, et al) the minimum recommended time frame for Holter monitoring in cryptogenic (uncertain origin) stroke patients is: 
A. 24 Hours
B. 48 Hours
C. 72 Hours
D. 30 Days
Required 4.
** The ACC (American College of Cardiology) currently recommends the following treatment for patients with Atrial Fibrillation and Mitral Stenosis:
A. ASA 325 mg qd
B. Warfarin (to INR of 2.0 - 3.0)
C. ASA (75-125 mg qd) & clopidogrel
D. B or C only
E. B only
Required 5.
***In the prescribing of apixaban (Eliquis), the FDA has labeled _________________ as a contraindication for the use of apixaban in A Fib patients.
A. Prosthetic heart valve
B. History of rheumatic fever
C. History of trauma > or = 6 months ago
D. There are no contraindications to apixaban use