The FBSN Launch
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We are pleased to announce, that on October 18th, 2017, the IRS approved the Faith Based Security Network, Inc. (FBSN) as a 501(C)(3) public charity. We are now ready to roll out this anticipated and crucial network with this survey and a follow-up webinar.
The FBSN mission is to go beyond individual ministry preparedness, as a faith based security association fusing ministry security professionals and law-enforcement throughout the United States in a connected and vetted network.
The FBSN is a membership organization serving faith-based organization (FBO) security and interested law-enforcement members with 5 key services.  
The FBSN is a framework for developing, advancing and connecting local professionals with others in their area and beyond.
Best Practices & Resources.
The FBSN collects, standardizes and distributes best practices and resources for member use. Materials produced will have law-enforcement input as FBO's develop standards of interface with law-enforcement operations.
The FBSN is a clearinghouse of data gathered from worship and other faith-based security experiences related to incidents, operations, financing and training in order to develop standards. 
The FBSN works with law-enforcement and FBO's to develop or improve methods for discovery, documentation and dissemination of current threats. This is based on methods used by the faith-based safety coalition of Colorado Springs which has operated successfully since 2008 with federal and local law-enforcement partners.
Public Policy.
The FBSN campaigns for national and regional legislation applicable to safe and effective operations of security for faith based organizations. 
If you are interested in membership, would you take a moment to fill in the following survey and consider an upcoming webinar? 
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On a scale of 1 to 5, which of the FBSN services are of most interest to you?
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Best Practices and Resources
Threat Intelligence
Public Policy
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Is there already a connected group of faith-based operators and law enforcement in your area?
If there is no connected group of faith based security and law enforcement professionals in your area, would you be willing to help put one together? 
I am only interested as a single member -- not as part of a local coalition
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We will be sending everyone an invitation to the launch webinar which will be in December. Which time slot is best for a 1 hour webinar?
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Monday evening
Tuesday evening
Thursday evening
Saturday morning
Saturday early afternoon
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