Napa United is committed to providing the best soccer experience possible. This end-of-year survey will give us valuable feedback on how we can improve.

We recognize that each year we face challenges and this year was no different. We fully anticipate that referees will be a topic of concern. Please realize that Nor Cal soccer saw over 2,000 decrease in referees this year compared to last year. Our referee assigner resorted to board members and volunteers to referee games and still we didn't have enough to cover all of our games each weekend! One of the main reasons? Young referees drop out because they get yelled at from coaches and spectators. We ask, therefore, if you are going to make commentary about referees to consider mentioning ways on how our community can help support our referees, encourage referees, and recruit referees. 

Please take the time to complete the survey so that we can help our organization do its absolute best to create an environment where our players can find the joy in soccer.  
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