Artist Application CSC Gathering Asheville 2018
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Visual artists, poets musicians, videographers, photographers, sculptors and other creative artists are invited to present work at the SACRED EARTH * SACRED WORK gathering. The art will be featured through a variety of settings, according to the nature of the art form, including an art gallery. Artists are requested to address at least one of the  Six Essentials of Creation Spirituality, a major focus of the gathering, in their work. 

Participating artists are responsible for getting their work to the venue hand carrying it. The deadline for arrival at the Gallery is 12:30 p.m., on Thursday, April 26. Our curator will meet you and help you hang or display your art and create your name plates. Musicians and poets need to provide a listening device (Sound source, earphones and speakers) for sharing their music. Poets need to bring printed copies of their poetry ready for display. 

The Art Gallery is a cooperative venture, each artist sharing the responsibility for hosting the gallery for a few hours during the gathering. Artists are responsible for any loss or damage to their work.

NOTE: You cannot save this questionnaire and return to it later, so we recommend that you formulate your responses (perhaps on another document) and enter them all at once.

Entry Deadline: January 21, 2018
Participating artists will be invited to share their work online as part of the Creation Spirituality Community website and social media posts. They may also be invited to share their work as visuals for the Cosmic Mass.

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What type of art are you submitting?
Two-dimensional art (painting, drawing, photography, printmaking, digital art.)
Three-dimensional art (sculpture, jewelry, glassmaking, fiber, mixed media.