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Each year, OSA gathers information on the current issues, and challenges facing the sign, graphics, and digital industry.

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Are you a member of the Ontario Sign Association? This includes the Sign Association of Canada, Regional/Chapter Sign Association and ISA. 

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 If you are not a member, why not? Please check off all that applies.

Cost of fees
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If you are currently a member of the OSA or considering joining, what are the types of services (benefits) you would be most interested in receiving updates and notifications from our office?  Is there anything you would like to see added or enhanced about our service offerings (Use "other/comment" to add additional information). 

Member Benefits - Special Discounts on retail or other programs.
Educational Events - Meet and Greet with Strategic Suppliers
Government Related News.
Networking Events.
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OSA Regulatory Committee is in contact with municipalities across the Province acting as a spokesperson for our industry and consultant when they are looking for sign information and feedback during their bylaw review process. Our goal is to keep sign bylaws from being overly restrictive and to make the sign permit application process easier and faster for our members.
 As an example, we are working with the City of Toronto exploring the possibility of developing a set of engineered drawings for standard signs such as pylon signs and wall signs etc.  We are also working with the Chief Building Officials Association to determine when an Engineers Stamp should be used to avoid having to provide one for every sign type, as with the City of Burlington. 

Do you feel this would bring value to our industry?  Please expand beyond Yes/No in the comment section - Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

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 What are the top three business challenges you are facing right now?


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What types of information and resources do you seek to stay on top of industry trends?

Association Website
Association Newsletters
Industry Magazine
Google Alerts
Colleagues in the industry
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What suggestions do you have for us to improve the value of membership?

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