North Augusta Chamber of Commerce 2017 Citizen of the Year
The North Augusta Chamber of Commerce Citizen of the Year award recognizes an outstanding North Augusta resident that has distinguished themselves as a remarkable member our our great community.  

The following are required of the nominee:
1. May not have been a prior recipient of the award. Click the following link to see citizens that are ineligible for nomination in 2017:
View List of Previous Winners
2. Must be a current resident of the North Augusta Community for the last three years.

The following are qualifications to consider when making your nomination:
1. Contributed in a special way to the community with recognizable results.
Nominee must have made an impact on the community in at least one of the
following ways:  Economic, Cultural, Philanthropic and Leadership
2. Represents strong integrity.
3. Active in the community in civic events NOT required by the individual's work or business.
4. Demonstrates unselfish support of the community.

** Nominee can be an individual or a married couple.

Judging Details:
1. Nominations will not be weighted by the number of forms submitted,  but the the weight of outstanding attributes.
2. All nominations will be reviewed by a committee made up of:
a) Last Three (3) Citizen of the Year Recipients
b) North Augusta Chamber of Commerce Board Member
c) City of North Augusta Representative
All information provided to the North Augusta Chamber of Commerce in the process of this nomination will be kept CONFIDENTIAL.  Information will not be released or used without written consent from the participant.