Input on the 2018 Municipal Budget
Discussions and preparations for the 2018 municipal budget are well underway.  On January 11, 2018, your Chamber will have the opportunity to make a deputation to Council about the budget.  Responses to this survey will help us in preparing our message to Council on this important issue.

Council has directed City Administration to prepare a budget that includes a 3.61% increase in the tax levy (taxes collected) of which 0.71% will be covered by new assessment and the remaining 2.90% will be paid for by existing taxpayers. To achieve this goal, administration has been directed to find $1.6 million in savings in new savings.   


Do you agree with the proposed tax levy increase? 

No (please provide reasons in the comments field)
Not sure
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If you answered "no" to question #1, please indicate what you feel would be an acceptable tax levy increase (decrease) for 2018. 


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In the past 3 years (2015, 2016, 2017), please indicate how the total property taxes paid by your business have changed:
Neutral / Change of less than 5%
Increased by more than 5%
Increased by more than 10%
Decreased by more than 5%
Decreased by more than 10%
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How do you recommend City Council proceed in relation to operating costs for the 2018 and future budgets (check all that apply)
Reduce operating costs through efficiencies and attrition
Reduce operating costs through reduction of services
Maintain operating costs at current levels
Maintain services at current levels
Increase operating costs
Increase services
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Please provide your expectations/projections regarding annual revenue growth for your business in 2018: 

Maintain current revenue levels
Increase 5%
Increase 5% - 10%
Increase more than 10%
Decreased revenue levels
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Please indicate the number of full time and part time staff that you employ: 


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Please indicate your business plans regarding staffing levels in 2018:  

Maintain current staffing levels
Increase staffing levels
Decrease staffing levels
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Thank you for participating in this Chamber of Commerce member survey.