Art Trail Visitors Input Survey

How did you hear about the Art Trail October Open Studio Weekends (or your best guess if you don't remember!) Check all that apply. 

Social Media (Facebook, Instagram)
Friend / Word of Mouth
E-mail From Community Arts Partnership
"What's Hot" Magazine Ad or Editorial
an on-line Calendar (,,
NPR Radio
Movie Screen at Cinemapolis
One of the participating artists
Saw a green road sign and stopped (without planning to beforehand)
Table display at Tompkins County Public Library

We are very interested in how you chose which artists to visit. Click all the following below that apply. Please feel free to comment! 

I examined the Art Trail brochure/map, and/or and chose specific artists to visit.
I picked an area and visited the artists in that area. (For example: Trumansburg, or downtown Ithaca)
Although I was visiting specific artists I had chosen, I also stopped at studio(s) on the way, or when I saw a road sign.
There were artists I didn't visit even though I was in the area or passed their studio, because I wasn't interested in their work.
I ran out of time to visit everyone I wanted to.
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Rate the following items as to importance to you! 

 Love Like Very Much Like Neutral, or No Opinion Don't Like 
Seeing artists' work
Meeting and talking to artists
Seeing the artist's tools and studio spaces
Driving from studio to studio
Having an opportunity to buy local art
Using to learn more.
Using the Art Trail brochure (either print or downloaded) to learn more.
Having more than one Open Studio weekends
New Idea: Would you be inclined to attend a free event for pre-teen children at one location, perhaps crafts during Art Trail weekends?
New Idea: Would you be inclined to take a small group guided tour of select studios on a Sunday before the Open Studio Weekends? Possible cost: $50 per person
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Any other comments are welcome!  


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Four raffle winners will be chosen. Winners chose, in order of being chosen, which art they would like from four pieces. See them at our website, at 
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