Application for businesses in Puerto Rico impacted by Hurricane Maria
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How would you describe the current situation of your business after Hurricanes Irma and/or Maria? 

Closed business in Puerto Rico
Business in Puerto Rico still open
Expanding to Central Florida
Relocating to Central Florida
Opening a new, different business in Florida
None of the above. Please explain
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Qualifying businesses will be evaluated by Prospera before activating their complimentary membership with the Chamber.  Prospera is an economic development, nonprofit organization specialized in providing bilingual assistance to Hispanic entrepreneurs trying to establish or expand their business. By completing this application, do you authorize Prospera to share your contact and business information with HCCMO?
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Are you able to provide proof of residence or that you currently have or had a business in Puerto Rico that had to be closed or reduced after Hurricanes Irma/Maria? 
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Financial information may be required when requesting services with Prospera.  Prospera will maintain your detailed financial information confidential, but will share general information with the HCCMO about your business needs and/or financial stability to be considered for the complimentary HCCMO membership.  Do you allow Prospera to share general information about your business with HCCMO?
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The decision to approve the application will be made by HCCMO.  For information about your application status please contact or call 407-428-5870



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