NHBSR Spring Conference Break-out Session Proposal
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NHBSR Spring Conference  
Wednesday, May 2, 2018
8:30 am - 3:30 pm

Overview: NHBSR's Spring Conference focuses on sustainability opportunities that help professionals drive and grow their strategies and goals for environmental impact, workplace practices, community engagement and governance.  NH's leading conference for corporate responsibility convenes leaders from diverse industries across northern New England to move sustainability from inspiration to action.  

Audience:  Participants come from a wide range of industries including manufacturing, professional services, nonprofit, education, hospitality, energy and retail services.  Professionals within these industries work within the C-suite, human resources, marketing, finance and sustainability functions.
Program: While we are interested in all innovative ideas, we will prioritize submissions that focus on the following: 
  • Solutions-focused and outcomes based - and leave participants with clear, actionable insights
  • Participatory - integrate into the session design meaningful opportunities for audience interaction with one another and the speakers
  • Diverse - accurately represent the diverse perspectives and people working across sectors on the topic being discussed
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Energy and the Environment
Engaging Workplaces and Communities
Leadership for Change
Sustainability-based Innovation
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Thank you for your interest in participating in NHBSR's Spring Conference!

Please note that NHBSR does not cover travel expenses for speakers. We are happy to offer each confirmed speaker a complimentary pass to attend the entire event, and we welcome and encourage staying at the event as long as schedules allow.