2018 Hardwater Festival - Volunteer Registration
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Planning for the 2nd Annual Hardwater Festival is well underway. The 2018 Festival will take place on Saturday, January 27 at various locations around Haliburton County. Thank you for your interest in being a volunteer. Your efforts are greatly appreciated and help us to sustain and grow the Festival, which brings many benefits to the community.

We are looking for volunteers to assist with all aspects of the festival. Your role can be anything from serving hot chocolate to managing trails during the snowshoe races. 
There are a wide range of tasks available. We are happy to match tasks to your interests and abilities. All volunteers will be thanked with a volunteer appreciation luncheon in the spring, as well as a free lunch the day of the Festival.  

For more information on the Festival, please check out our website: http://www.hardwaterfestival.ca/ 
Please fill out the following form to register as a Volunteer.

Thanks again for your interest,

Emily Stonehouse
Volunteer Coordinator 
Hardwater Festival

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Please indicate the activities you would be interested in volunteering with on January 27. Full activity descriptions are available at www.hardwaterfestival.ca  Please select all that apply:

Snowshoe Races
Snow Tagging
Ice Kitchen
Cool Movies
Below Zero - Critters in the Cold
Ice Skating/Shinny
The Art of Ice and Snow
Kick Sledding
Winter By Bike
History of Ice
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Thank you for your interest in being part of the Hardwater Festival! We will confirm the details of your volunteer schedule shortly. If you have any questions, please contact Emily Stonehouse at emily@yoursoutdoors.ca or call 647-554-1311.