2017 CARE Act Survey of the Recovery Community
Dear Friends and Supporters,  
In 2015, Governor Charlie Baker created The MA Opioid Addiction Working Group to address the ongoing addiction epidemic that killed over 2,000 MA residents last year. Based on The Working Group recommendations Gov. Baker recently introduced "An Act Relative to Combating Addiction, Accessing Treatment, Reducing Prescriptions, and Enhancing Prevention" or CARE Act. This legislative proposal's goal would expand provisions of 2015 opioid-focused legislation called the STEP Act. It includes tighter controls on prescription drugs, improved treatment access, enhanced recovery coach role, increased access to life-saving Narcan, and effective educational programs for youth.
As members of MOAR, we value your opinion.  Our job is to provide a voice for the Recovery Community in policy decisions such as the CARE act.  Some provisions of the CARE Act may be controversial.  As people who live and work in the treatment and recovery communities, these provisions could have a direct effect on you and your organizations.  Your voice matters! Please take a few minutes to complete a brief survey.  The information you provide will directly shape our educational efforts with state legislators about the CARE Act.  Thank you! 

Sincerely yours,
Maryanne Frangules 
MOAR Executive Director