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Dear Colleague,

Mastering the Art of Conflict improves just about every aspect of life from personal happiness to innovation and creativity.  Think you'd like to hone your skills? Please take a few minutes and complete the reflective questions below.  I hope they stimulate your thinking!  

If you'd like to debrief and explore options for study, please fill out your contact information and we can schedule a complimentary 30 minute consult.  

I look forward to meeting you!  

Let's roll!  Karen
To master the art of conflict, which areas would you like to improve?
Getting comfortable with confrontation
Gaining awarenss earlier before I make a conflict destructive
Geting people to follow through
Getting better at thinking on my feet
Receiving criticism without reacting internally or externally
Managing my emotions when people disagree with me
Improving my ability to influence without authority
As you prepare for a discussion with someone you work with who has an intensely held  different point of view on the subject at hand, you: 
prepare your rational, your background for your position
are curious to understand how this person reached her conclusions and are open to learning
know she will never change, no use even suggesting a different view
welcome the different perspective as creative input
Required 3.

Which of the following do you experience as challenges:

Others lack of engagement and enthusiasm in what we are about
Dealing with 'know it all' types
Not trusting things will be done correctly; I need to follow-up and makes sure
I compensate for others' lack of follow through
Being around people who don't like each other but have to work together
I am my biggest obstacle
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How much time do you estimate you spend a day with the challenges identified in #3.


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When you want to influence an outcome or decision what do you do?


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What would you like to improve in how you engage/communicate with others?  


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In the last 2 years have you taken a 360 degree survey?
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