50th Anniversary of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism
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Celebrating 50 years of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism at the University of Utah is possible because all of us are striving to effect positive outcomes for individuals, families, communities, and our planet. By telling your story, we look forward to sharing the collective impact we have all accomplished. 

Parks, Recreation, and Tourism envisions a global community that values and celebrates parks, recreation, and tourism. To that end, we contribute to individual, community, and environmental health through education, research, and action informed by the preventive, developmental, and restorative properties of parks, recreation, and tourism.
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In celebration of our history and all those who have contributed to its success, PRT will highlight its alumni through self-reported stories and accomplishments. It is our hope that the remarkable work of our alumni be told through these stories. 

As an alum and fellow representative of PRT, we ask you to share your story - to share about your work towards attaining this vision. We welcome as much or as little as you wish to share. To assist you, we  ask that you frame your story by responding to the following questions:

*If you would prefer to have a member of PRT contact you directly to collect your story, please skip to question four to provide your contact information. 
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How is the vision of PRT reflected in your work and life? 


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How has your PRT education helped to shape your life and career? 


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How do you think PRT has contributed to the quality of life in your community? 


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We would like to highlight your efforts and contributions to PRT this spring on our website and Facebook Page (with your permission, of course).

Please send us your written or video responses as soon as possible. Feel free to include any pictures that reflect the good work you are doing, or have done, in the name of PRT.
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Please include your contact information, year of graduation, and professional title (or, if retired, your past professional title) below. 

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Thank you for taking time to fill out our questionnaire. If you have any questions about why you have received this email, please email us at prt@utah.edu.