OS1st Ambassador Application
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Interested in becoming an OS1st Ambassador? 

Are you:
- Passionate about movement and health?
- Willing to share feedback on products and experiences?
- Willing to share your story with OS1st Staff and Customers (includes photos)?
- Part of a group or have a large network?
- Committed to shopping local?
- Passionate about wearing high quality compression and bracing products?
- A fan of OS1st products?
We are looking for fun and friendly people to become members of Team OS1st and help us spread our mission throughout the United States.
We believe...
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What is your favorite way to be active?


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We're looking for ambassadors that have a network of people with whom they can help spread our mission and vision. Do you have a network of influence to invite to events and activities? Tell us about them.

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Are you active on social media?

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If Yes, please tell us which platforms you use and provide your name or handle (if applicable).

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Tell us about yourself. Why do you think you'd make a great addition to Team OS1st and OS1st Ambassador?

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What is your favorite thing about OS1st Products?


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Are you a member of a running club? 

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If yes, which group? 


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Are you currently an ambassador for any other companies or products?


If yes, please list the companies or products.


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Where do you live? 


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What are your favorite places to shop?


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Is there anything else we should know about you?


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