Oil and Gas Safety Management Systems Survey
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Every offshore oil and gas E&P facility is required to have a Safety and Environmental Management Systems (SEMS) plan. Onshore, many companies are voluntarily putting similar safety management plans in place.  

The purpose of this survey is to determine how widespread safety management plans are in oil and gas and to identify ways to improve the understanding of and effectiveness of safety management programs.  The results will be provided to survey respondents and used in developing training and other services to assist companies with compliance. Please help us make the results as accurate as possible by answering the following questions:
Required 1.
My position fits within the following categories

Senior Level Management
Outside Contractor/Consultant
Required 2.

Which best describes your company? (choose all that apply)

Offshore oil and gas owner/operator
Onshore oil and gas owner/operator
Offshore oil and gas contractor/service company
Onshore oil and gas contractor/services company
Oil and gas consultant
Not involved in oil and gas
Required 3.
Click all that apply concerning your company's approach to safety management systems
We have a safety management system that falls under the offshore SEMS rule
We have a safety management system for onshore operations
We do not have a safety management system, but plan to develop one
We do not have a safety management system
Required 4.
The following questions are meant to gauge industry and company implementation of safety systems approaches.  Click on your level of confidence
 Very confident Confident Uncertain Concerned Very concerned Does not apply 
The oil and gas industry has effective safety management systems in place
My company has effective safety management systems in place
Our executives understand our safety management systems program
Our managers and supervisors understand our safety management program
Our crews understand our safety management program
Required 5.

Safety management systems generally require elements that allow companies to identify and control hazards, as well documentation and continuous improvement.  The following questions focus on how some common elements are being managed.  Please indicate how confident you are about the implementation of these elements within your company.

 Very confident Confident Uncertain Concerned Very Concerned Does not apply 
We have effective systems in place to identify hazards
We have written operating procedures that help employees control hazards
We have programs in place to ensure employees are trained and have the skills/ knowledge to do their jobs
We have mechanical integrity programs in place to inspect, maintain and replace equipment
Our safety management system prepares us to pass internal safety reviews and outside audits
We have a program in place to ensure that newly hired or promoted managers understand our safety management system
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Required 6.
An industry group is currently updating the guidance for offshore safety and environmental management systems.  Currently only offshore owners and operators are required to have a SEMS plan.  One of the possible changes would be to require all companies involved in offshore oil and gas (operators, contractors and service companies) to have a SEMS plan.  Please click on all responses that apply.
I know about this change
I did not know about this change
My company already has a plan that complies
My company would need to adopt a plan that applies
This does not apply to my company
Required 7.
Companies often use outside services to assist them with their safety management systems. The following is a list of potential services.  Please indicate the value they may have for your organization.  Use the box at the bottom to indicate any additional services that may be valuable.
 Very Valuable Valuable Don't Know Less Valuable Not Valuable Does Not Apply 
An outside gap analysis review of the company program
Help creating and implementing a safety management system
Help in developing documentation (Safe work practices, operating procedures, etc.)
Help developing skills and knowledge-based competency systems
Help in creating and implementing mechanical integrity (inspection & maintenance) programs for our equipment
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Required 8.

Another service that companies use is employee training.  Please indicate the value that some types of training or workshops would have for your company.  Use the box at the bottom to indicate any other classes that may be valuable.

 Very Valuable Valuable Don't Know Less Valuable Not Valuable Does Not Apply 
An overview of safety management systems covering the elements of SEMS
A certification program that allows a manager to demonstrate skills and knowledge in SEMS
How to create and manage skills & knowledge-based competency systems
Best practices for audits, documentation and continuous improvement
How to write effective, compliant operating procedures
Leadership for supervisors/managers to demonstrate skills and knowledge requirements
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