Member Survey - Be a Part of It!
Part 1 - Chamber Membership
1. How satisfied are you with the overall value your organization has received from the Saint John Region Chamber of Commerce?
Very satisfied
Somewhat satisfied
Somewhat unsatisfied
Very unsatisfied
2. How many Chamber events have you attended in the last 12 months?
1 - 3
4 - 6
More than 6
3. Which of the following best addresses, in your view, Chamber events?
Cost too high
Costs are comparable
Are at a bad time
Times are ideal
Takes too much time
No interest

4. The Chamber is always looking for dynamic speakers.  Who would you like The Chamber to host at a future event?


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5. The Chamber offers numerous benefits to members.  Please rank the following benefits in order of importance where 1 = most important, 6 = least important

(1 = Most Important)
Member benefits (Group insurance; Merchant Processing)
Luncheons and guest speakers
Advocacy efforts
Corporate responsibility
Increased exposure for your business
Networking and mixers

6. The Chamber membership includes many direct benefits, some offers come directly from other members.  Have you taken advantage of member benefits offered by The Chamber or the Member to Member Discount Program? 

Part 2 - Consumer and business confidence
7. Would you say the Saint John Region is heading in the right direction, or is it on the wrong track?
Right Direction
Wrong Track
8. Would you say New Brunswick is heading in the right direction or is it on the wrong track?
Right Direction
Wrong Track
9. How concerned are you with the the Province of New Brunswick's current deficit?
Very Concerned
Somewhat Concerned
Not Very Concerned
Not At All Concerned
10. How concerned are you with the City of Saint John's financial situation?
Very Concerned
Somewhat Concerned
Not Very Concerned
Not At All Concerned
11. In the next 12 months how do you expect your business to perform:
Much Better
Somewhat Better
Somewhat Worse
Much Worse
12. Are you supportive of the proposed amalgamation of the Greater Saint John Region?
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13. Do you expect to add, maintain or decrease job levels over the next 2 quarters?
Part 3 - Advocacy Initiatives
14. Are you satisfied with the level of advocacy efforts from the Chamber, or would you like to see more or less efforts?
Satisfied with current level
More advocacy
Less advocacy

15. Of the following advocacy issues which The Chamber has been strongly involved and vocal,  please select those that are of highest importance to you.

Access to capital and start-up initiatives
Carbon Pricing
Corporate Tax Rate
Economic Development Strategy and Models
Energy input costs to business
Forestry Plan
Government regulations and red tape reduction
Health Science Sector
Inter-Provincial Trade
Literacy initiatives
Plan SJ - Zone SJ
Poverty reduction
Property taxes
Recreation facilities and programs
Regional recycling / Composting initiatives
Skills and training development
Skills gap
Small Business Tax Rate
WorksafeNB Premiums

16. In which region is your business located?

Kennebecasis Valley
River Valley
Saint John
West Side

17. Currently how many employees do you employ?

Under 5
6 - 10 Employees
11 - 20 Employees
21 - 50 Employees
51 - 100 Employees
Over 100 Employees
18. If we have missed an issue of importance to you and your business, or to provide any further suggestions, please let us know.

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