CSU Demo Day Abstract Submission Page
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Thank you for your interest in presenting a poster at the 2018 CSU Demo Day.
The most innovative research from across CSU will be selected to present with a chance to win a share of the $35,000 prize pool. Please complete the information below and throw your hat in the ring!  The questions below replace the traditional abstract submission, so once you submit your answers, your abstract is finished!  Be sure to read the questions carefully and answer each question fully.

Abstract submission is open until 11:59 pm, Friday, March 22, 2018.

If you are chosen to present a poster, we will notify you via email by March 29, 2018.

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Please provide your official departmental affiliation, for example ECE = Electrical and Computer Engineering).


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How did you find out about the 2018 CSU Demo Day?
CSUV website
Talking with a CSUV Ambassador - if so, please respond to question 5.
Talking with a CSUV Staff
Demo Day flyer
Information presented at another CSU Event
CSU Demo Day website
Social media
If you found out about 2018 Demo Day from a CSUV Ambassador, please list their name here.  CSUV Ambassadors include:  Nathan Byers, Aimee Colbath, Kelly Hassell, Ryan Riskowski, Mike Friedman, Kelly Kirkley, David Markman, Chern-Hooi Lim, and Sumanth Belawadi.

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Please provide a description of your research (limited to 1,000 characters).  Your description should written that such anyone can understand what you are doing.

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What is innovative about your research/project?  Are there any unique characteristics to help us understand your work that we should know about?


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How do you see your research impacting society?

What sort of challenges will your research address? 

How do you see your research solving these challenges?  

What commercial products/applications may result from your work?


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Who would the eventual customer be for your product or application?
How many customers do think would buy your product or application?

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* Why should we select you to present at Demo Day?  Tell us something about you that makes you a good candidate to be showcased at this event?

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