Harvard Gulch Golf Course Survey
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Required 1.
Did the golf sales associate:
 Yes No Not Applicable Not Necessary  
Greet you?  
Thank you for coming to the facility?  
Communicate where to go/how to proceed?  
Inform you of pace of play?  
Answer any questions/ address concerns?  
Make you feel welcome?  
Help make your experience more enjoyable?  
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Required 2.

Please rate your satisfaction with the following course conditions: 

 Failing Below Expectations Satisfactory Above Expectations Outstanding 
Teeing Ground
Overall Course Condition
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Required 3.

Please rate your overall satisfaction with the following: 

 Failing Below Expectations Satisfactory Above Expectations Outstanding Not Applicable 
Course Cleanliness
On course bathrooms clean and well supplied
Trash cans neat and clean
Tee markers set and aligned properly (Not Applicable Nov. 15- March. 14)
Water coolers well supplied (Not Applicable Nov. 15- March. 14)
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Required 4.

Would you recommend this course to a friend? If no, what can we do to improve your experience?

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