HiCap Legislative Advocacy Survey
We are so excited that we have a bill in the Senate that directly addresses HiCap identification practices - SB 6508!  And a companion bill in the House - HB 2927. But the hard work has only just begun.

Now we need a mountain of advocates across the whole state to reach out to their legislators to ensure they vote YES. There are many ways you can help - tell us below how you can plug into this effort.
Please tell us a little about yourself so we know how to reach you

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Would you be able to come to Olympia to testify for the bill? People will probably get 2 minutes to speak. The next hearing will be in February, but we don't know which day yet.

Even if you don't want to speak, just being in the room to show your support is important. One of our advocates will ask all in the room supporting this issue to stand.

Even if you can't attend in person, sending written testimony to the committee is also very helpful as part of the hearing process.

Yes, I can come to Olympia for the hearing, AND I am willing to speak
Yes, I can come to Olympia for the hearing, BUT I am not willing to speak
No, I can't come to the hearing, BUT I can send written testimony
No, I can't help with the hearing process.
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Will you be able to attend Gifted Ed Day in Olympia this year?  It will be held on February 8, 2018, with a presentation from 9am - 10:30am, and opportunities to advocate on campus until mid-afternoon. We will hand out green scarves so you are recognized on campus.

We need to have HUGE ATTENDANCE for Gifted Ed Day if we are to pass this bill.

Even if you can't arrive at 9:00 am, it's still very useful to attend - the main work of the day is to meet with legislators in person, perhaps in partnership with other Coalition representatives who will be there that day, to advocate for their YES vote on our bill.

Yes, I can go to Gifted Ed Day in Olympia on February 8.
Maybe, it's a possibility that I could get there.
No, I can't attend Gifted Ed Day this year.
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Another opportunity to go to Olympia is PTA Focus Day - on Monday, January 29. This is another prime opportunity to meet with legislators in person, perhaps in partnership with other Coalition representatives who will be there that day, to advocate for their YES vote on our bill.

Yes, I can go to PTA Focus Day in Olympia on January 29.
Maybe, it's a possibility that I could get there.
No, I can't attend PTA Focus Day this year.
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Are you willing to reach out to a legislator in your area, to advocate for more equitable identification methods for HiCap students? Key timing will be Jan 29 until mid-February.


This could be an email, a phone call, or an in person meeting. It could be as simple as forwarding an email we provide, or you can tell your own story. 


We would provide you advocacy materials to share with your legislator, to make it as easy as possible for you.  


No, I'm not willing to reach out to my legislators.
Maybe, I'm nervous about this, but can probably help if I get some extra support.
Yes, I can contact whichever legislator(s) you need, just tell me who.
Yes, I would be willing to reach out to these specific legislator(s) - please comment below
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What is your WA State Legislative District?  Look it up here: http://app.leg.wa.gov/DistrictFinder/

Please just enter the number (from 1 to 49) and no letters, for example: 42

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What information do you know about any of your Legislators (Representatives or Senator) that might be useful for us to know? Any tidbits you can share are very, very helpful. There are a lot of legislators across our 49 districts to get to know...please help us!

Please be sure to include the legislator's NAME with any comments :)

For example:
- Does this legislator have HiCap kids?
- Does this legislator know anything about HiCap? 
- Has this legislator been a teacher, psychologist, social worker, etc?
- Is this legislator supportive of HiCap programs?
- Is this legislator against HiCap programs?
- Would this legislator be a good candidate for us to reach out to educate about HiCap?
- Does this legislator have particular priorities or "pet peeves" we should know about? 

1000 characters left.
After you submit this survey, you will be taken to the comments page for bill 6508. We strongly urge you to submit a "SUPPORT" comment, right now while you're thinking about it.

The more submissions they receive, the more attention our bill will get from the Senate Education Committee and the floor.

It's enough to just fill out your complete name and address information (so they can confirm you are a WA state resident and not a robot), and click "SUPPORT" with a brief comment.  Something like this (feel free to copy/paste): 
  - I strongly support this bill.
  - The gross inequities in our highly capable programs must be fixed ASAP.
  - This is a big issue in my school district, and this bill will make a big improvement.
  - Districts need to up their game and actually screen all students for highly capable needs.
  - Bravo! This bill is exactly what we need.
  - It's about time! Thank you WA Senate for answering the needs of the community.

You do not have to write lengthy comments, though of course those are welcome. IF YOU DO WRITE SPECIFIC COMMENTS, PLEASE STAY FOCUSED ON THE NEED FOR BETTER, MORE EQUITABLE IDENTIFICATION PRACTICES (such as universal screening), and do not write about HiCap program or service models (which is a much more controversial topic.)

Thanks so much for contributing to this effort! We will reach out to you to help coordinate our efforts and provide materials as these dates approach. Feel free to always reach out to info@nwgca.org with questions or ideas.