Third District Council Office Survey
Dear Neighbor,  

With the Land Use Elements scheduled to come before City Council on March 6th I want to provide Third District residents another opportunity to provide input on the newly updated map proposals after the recent December 11th Panning Commission meeting. So, I am sending out this survey again to make sure Third District residents know their voices are being heard.

For three and a half years, I have been working with the community to gain input on the Land Use Element of the General Plan Update. From Town Halls to Neighborhood Association Meetings, I have had the pleasure of speaking to many of you about the proposed Land Use Element. 

Since 2004, the Planning Department has held over 100 meetings and presentations throughout the city to try to gather input from every neighborhood in every district. These meetings and presentations have come in various forms, and many of them have been held right here in the Third District. Still, I know that there are many individuals with whom I have not had the opportunity to speak regarding this topic. 

For those individuals who I have not had the chance to communicate with at one of the scheduled meetings, I wanted to provide this survey as a place to express your thoughts on the Land Use Element of the General Plan Update. 

If you would like to familiarize yourself with the Land Use Element and the General Plan Update prior to taking the survey, please click here.

Thank you for taking the time to share your ideas, questions, and concerns. The Land Use Element is an important part of our City's future and I know we can work together to ensure that we are laying the groundwork for generations to follow. 

In which district of Long Beach do you live? If you are unsure, please refer to the Council District Map here


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If you are a Third District Resident, in which neighborhood of the district do you live? 


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In reference to the proposed Third District Map, found here, what input do you have for specific areas proposed for change?


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