Black Women of Influence Survey
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Thank you for your interest in volunteering with BWOI. We'd like your input on how you'd like to spend your time with us so that your experience as a volunteer is the best it can be.
BWOI is always looking for volunteers to help support our programming in the following areas. Read through each so you can tell us the area where you think you can add the most value.
Program Development: We not only need your program ideas but also your help to, in some cases, research the details of ideas submitted by our members to see if they are in fact feasible. This is an area perfect for someone who has the time and skills to periodically research and make calls and proposals for new BWOI programs.
Administrative/Project Manager: No one supports BWOI full-time. We are a team of hard-working women with full-time gigs who keep a lot of balls in the air (probably just like YOU). We host monthly check-in calls of a small group (once per month on a Saturday morning) to keep all of our action items on track. We need someone who is an outstanding administrator to schedule and manage our monthly calls; keep our list of action items; follow up with owners of actions, etc. This individual would also provide support to BWOI PowerUP calls which are held on every 6-8 weeks on a Saturday morning for one hour.
Social Media Support: We have a Social Media support team who manages our event posts but we like to also share relevant other posts that engage our member base. For instance, that might entail a news article that is relevant to the progress of women or a quote that inspires and empowers. We need individuals who have the time and skills to look for, like and re-tweet/re-post such materials on either Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. This is easy for someone already on these platforms, with an eye for inspirational posts.
Event Planning, Support & Logistics: Coming to our events already and want to lend a hand. WE NEED YOU....on set-up, at the registration desk or selling tee-shirts. THANK YOU in advance for signing up!
Member Engagement: BWOI is committed to staying a relatively small, niche organization where members feel connected. We need individuals
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BWOI has been serving women for 10 years, how long have you been a member of BWOI?
I'm a NEW member
2-3 years
4-6 years
7+ years
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Have you volunteered for BWOI in the past?
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What is your availability to volunteer for our organization?
A few times a week
Once a week
Every other week
Once a month
Every other month
Two times a year
Once a year
Less than once a year
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Referring to the areas described above, which of the following volunteer activities would you be interested in participating in? Please select all that apply.
Program Development
Administrative Support
Social Media Support
Event Planning & Logistics
Member Support & Engagement
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What is the best way to reach you?

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